What are the advantages of RFID?

Update Time:2016-10-12 Click:3367

RFID creates an automatic way to collect information about a product, place, time or transaction quickly, easily and without human error. It provides a non-contact data link, without need for line of sight, for example articles inside a cardboard box, or concerns about harsh or dirty environments that restrict other auto ID technologies such as bar codes. In addition, RFID is more than just an ID code, it can be used as a data carrier, with information being written and updated to the tag on the fly.

XID has the programming ability to install RFID readers and tags into your material handling system and integrate them with your PC or PLC network. Implementation of RFID will allow the improvement of data quality, items management, asset visibility, and maintenance of materiel. Further, the use of RFID in the supply chain has the potential to provide real benefits in inventory management, asset visibility, and interoperability in an end-to-end integrated environment. RFID encapsulates the data accuracy advantages inherent in all types of automatic identification technology.

 Additionally, RFID is a totally non-intrusive methodology for data capture (requires no human intervention), is non-line of sight technology, and is a technology that may possess both read and write options within the same equipment item.