• What is the difference between low-, high-, and ultra-high frequencies?

  • What is tag collision?

    Another problem readers have is reading a lot of chips in the same field. Tag collision occurs when more than one chip reflects back a signal at the same time, confusing the reader. Different vendors

  • What's the difference between read-only and read/write tags?

    Chips in RF tags can be read-write or read-only. With read-write chips, you can add information to the tag or write over existing information when the tag is within range of a reader, or interrogator.

  • What is the difference between a passive, semi-passive and active RFID?

    Active RFID Tag uses an internal power source, such as a battery, within the tag to continuously power the tag and its RF communication circuitry. Active RFID tag allows extremely low-level RF signals

  • What are the advantages of RFID?

    RFID creates an automatic way to collect information about a product, place, time or transaction quickly, easily and without human error. It provides a non-contact data link, without need for line of

  • How does RFID work?

    Information is sent to and read from RFID transponders by a reader using radio waves. In passive systems, which are the most common, The reader sends out electromagnetic waves that form a magnetic fie

  • What are the major components of RFID system?

    The RFID system contains the following component: RFID Transponder A RFID Transponder, contains three kinds of transponder, Proximity smart card (contactless smart card), RFID Tag and Smart Label, i

  • What is RFID?

    RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is an automatic identification technology to identify objects by using invisible radio waves. Instead of optically scanning bar codes on a label, RFI

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