Partners- Join XID Tech to Grow your Business!

As the one of world leading RFID manufacturer in the business intelligence market, we couldn’t keep going with our partners. They are an essential part of our commitment to delivering value to our customers. In the future, we still strive to give our customers unmatched hardware, software and service by combining our analytics expertise with our partners’ industry and domain knowledge. It’s a partnership that pays off — for all of us.

Achieving your business goals can be challenging in today’s uncertain business climate. Customers’ budgets are shrinking, projects are smaller, and there’s more competition than ever. Your success depends on more than product margins alone—it depends on opportunity size and sales velocity.

We understand how market dynamics are changing the way customers purchase technology. We can help you address these changes to meet your business goals with new levels of market penetration, sales, and profitability. To help you accelerate the time it takes to realize a positive ROI.

Why cooperate with XID Tech?

To be XID partner, the below benefits will come to you:

• Offer 100% customization service to go to market with a strong, secure solution 

• Deliver proven solutions that earn you high margins and grow your busines

• Shorten sales cycles using our high-impact marketing and sales tools 

• We don’t compete with our partners, only fully behind you 

• We work hard to make it easier to do business with us 

• We value our partners and they are central to our corporate growth strategy

• Gain the product knowledge& training you need to successfully sell, service, and support 

• Match your business model and customer needs with flexible sales, service, and support delivery options  

• Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with us in the rapidly growing midsize enterprise or large enterprise markets 

XID offer different level partner programs to bring benefit for you

Star partners receive a comprehensive set of benefits for meeting the highest investment requirements and commitment to XID

Platinum partners meet more stringent requirements than Gold partners and receive additional benefits.

Gold is an entry level into our partner program. With a greater investment than Silver partners, Gold partners may sell XID’s full product line.

Silver is an entry level into our partner program. Silver partners sell a limited range of XID products


Partner Ecosystem

XID partner program includes all of the selling partners in our partner ecosystem, which enables collaboration among our partners so they can grow their business by offering comprehensive, best-in-class solutions that address their customers’ challenges and meets their needs.

• Distributors 
• Resellers 
• Service Providers 
• System Integrators 
• software house


XID offer below partner programs

OEM: Your own LOGO Printing

ODM: Your market-oriented customized Products 
Distributor: Your robust Market Control




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