XID’s mission is to be one of the world leading RFID technology solution enterprise, providing the advancing technology, innovative solutions.


XID Tech is committed to making a difference for our clients and partners all over the world, and value our reputation for  product quality and service . Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, XID offer market-oriented solutions including access control, time attendance, various person identification and small payment system.

Our company will implement the best cutting-edge process modeling and engineering, custom tailored to our client's unique system, to improve their productivity, cost-effectiveness, return on investment, and safety.


Quality: We hold our engineers and our work to a very high standard, often beyond even what is required for the project we are working on. In order to maintain the clients’ current and future satisfaction on the highest level, we  are running the necessary tests and performing studies on the products and services provided by XID. We are striving towards to determine the needs and expectations of our clients before they put it into words.

Market-oriented: clear understanding of the needs and the current situation of our clients, evaluating them with a broad perspective and continuous communication between both parties play an important role in our corporate  culture. Furthermore, we always aim to ensure our customers’ satisfaction above their expectations.

Reliability: We want our clients to feel that they can depend on XID to finish the job on time and on specification with open communication throughout the life of the project. We want our customers to boast about our work  after we've had the privilege to serve them.

Collaboration and team work: We function as a single body from our company’s lower level employees to managers and to our business partners. We perform in an effective cooperation with mutual trust, respect and open  communication.


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