Visitor Management

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Visitor Management Solution provides tracking and monitoring of visitors with the electronic capture of visitor tags at each of the secured zones installed with RFID readers. In addition, visitor location is updated in real-time upon capture by RFID reader  or terminal.

A visitor who is stranger to the establishment needs  a monitoring from the security perspective. Typically organizations keep a book or a register in which a visitor would enter his/her details and a temporary badge/pass is given to the visitor. As such when it comes to view the past details/visits, it turns out to be time consuming, unreliable and manual dependent  operation.

XID visitor management offers a single-window solution to identify, authorize, track, and monitor visitors using RFID technology. It uses UHF RFID badges to provide the real-time location of any visitor in any fixed site premises. It can be utilized in office buildings, college campuses, manufacturing plants, government facilities, and hospitals. In addition, it can be integrated with any existing access control system. The system generates an alarm at a security point in case of unauthorized movement. 

Benefits Of Visitors Management System:

Visitor Record with Photo Identity

Monitoring Movement of Visitors in the Organization

Access Control for Visitors in the Organization
A Security Alert is sent to the Security Officer if the visitor is hanging around after his meeting


Features Of Visitors Management System:

The reception or security personnel enters the details of the visitor or Pre-scheduled appointment is displayed.

Information / message is sent via intranet and / or SMS to the officers / employee’s PC and /or cell phone, by sending visitor details & photo, and wait for his approval.

The software prints the Pass / I Card for visitor.


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