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How to secure hotel guest’s temporary home?

With competition among luxury hotels and resorts heating up, many new hotels are looking for innovative ways to differentiate themselves.  From a design perspective, this means that owners and designers are looking at all aspects of the guestroom design including technology to highlight guestroom offerings.

The new electronic looking systems are one of the fastest changing elements of hotel designs. The use of high technology such RFID and smartcards coupled with the streamlined aesthetic style of the new locksets is clearly starting to peak the interest of many solution provider.

Today there are a number of resorts and hotels that are considering the technology to enhance the overall guest offering and improve efficiencies in operations. The RFID technology provides tracking of both guests and hotel staff around the property and provides some insight as to facilities accessed and the times that they are being accessed.

Developed specifically for the hotel market, XID provides a fully integrated real time security solution that allows you to combine your entire guest hospitality needs into one stylish, energy efficient and reliable wire-free locking system.

RF Locks bring many advantages over traditional swipe card locks. Please follow up XID to learn more about hotel smart management solution

1. No exposed card slots on the face of the unit. Avoid water/dirt from getting inside the lock unit
2. No wear and tear on the read heads. Because cards are waved in-front of the lock, they never make contact with a read head which eliminates the possibility of a damaged card breaking in the lock

3. Compact design allows for an easy do-it yourself installation

4. Cellular Phone Integration incorporating the Near Field Communication (NFC) secure transaction platform, which will allow them to encode a cell phone with an RFID key and as such allow guests to utilize their cell phones to gain access to their rooms and other areas of the property. It will also allow them to utilize their cell phones to charge at the restaurant, spa and other expenditures to their room or potentially to a credit card.

5. Bluetooth function Integration to ease phone’s door controlling system and easy check-in

6. Track Administrative Staff By utilizing cards or RFID tags that have storage capacity, the activities of all operational staff including housekeepers, engineering and security can be tracked.


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