School and University

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School systems from kindergarten through high school and higher education must maintain detailed records about students’ academic history, health, discipline, special needs and related content. Students often move from district-to-district, requiring copying and sharing of information across school systems, requiring detailed internal documentation and reporting to ensure that student records are being processed and shared according to the needs of the user community. 

Further, schools and universities have a wide array of textbooks, classroom assets, administrative assets, vehicles, tools, equipment and related objects that require tracking. And there is a growing need for access controls for students entering or leaving school buildings, and more effective mustering solutions to ensure student accountability in case of disaster. 

RFID technology provides technology to passive track students, staff, assets and documents, and are enhanced through database management event and location tracking, bringing the tools required for accountability and effective operations. We can print labels for storage locations, containers and/or artifacts, and enables the use of a portable RFID/bar code scanner to track the placement of items into storage. The software maintains parent/child relationships between containers and items-in-containers. The portable scanner is also utilized to inventory items-on-display and/or in storage, as well as to find missing items.

RFID detection zones can track items and people wherever they travel with facilities.

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