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Using Environment:  Vending machine, Card Dispenser Machine ,desktop/handheld payment, supermarket stock management, RFID-enabled vending machines
Application: payment, counting& records 

Key benefits for RFID-enabled vending machines:
Allows employees to use their access credential for vending purchases
Reduce down-time of machines due to cash mechanism failures
Remove the need to empty and manage cash from vending machines

Key benefits for RFID enable handheld reader

· Inventory Tracking & Reconciliation

Eliminate human errors in inventory management and tracking.

Audit all inbound and outbound boxes with 100% accuracy.

Find missing items in seconds with RIMS handheld application.

Eliminate shrinkage – both internal and external.

· Inventory Reconciliation & Item Restocking 

100% system accuracy on product location, quantity, and item type.

Take inventories of a 3,000 sq. ft. store in just 22 minutes.

Eliminate out of stock at store and warehouse through alerts that notify you to low inventory levels.

· Automated Check Outs

Register many items in a single scan – faster check outs, happier customers.

Avoid POS mistakes.

Transaction data is stored, allowing you to manage returns more efficiently.

Audit store receipts – 100% verification.

· Customer Service Applications

Provide a personalized customer service experience for your loyalty card members.

With our dressing room application, you can provide a socialized shopping experience for your customers via social networks.

Allow customers to request items from sales reps via text messaging or interactive screens without leaving the dressing room.

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