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Manufacturing plants require an exacting mix of raw materials, tools, dies, plates, documentation and similar items to ensure that each production-run is setup correctly ‘right at the start’ to prevent bad runs. All of these (materials, tools, dies, etc.) also circulate from receiving to storage to production and back to storage and back to production, etc. on unpredictable timelines and with changing parameters. 

Physical records and documentation must be accurate and up-to-date so that personnel can visually eyeball paperwork against production runs, inventory management and quality assurance. Plant-and-Equipment must be maintained across an extensive population of parts, materials, tools and the personnel accessing or consuming tools, parts and materials. RFID technology provides state-of-the-art capabilities for manufacturing organizations to embrace a wide range of enhanced efficiencies across warehousing and manufacturing operations, with resulting increases to bottom-line profitability.

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