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XID dedicates to design&research intelligent network electronic door lock based on RFID and Bluetooth fashionable technology, which realize market-oriented, easy to install, high stability TCP/IP POE locking system.The compact structure by TCP/IP POE door lock, POE switch and related software, and simple system wiring via RJ45 communication and power supply can be easily used in different using environment as student apartment, staff quarters, office buildings, office buildings, star hotel,laboratory, nursing homes and other places.

The advantage for TCP/IP POE LOCK

● The compact system structure: TCP/IP POE lock, POE switch and system software

● The simple system wiring, installation and debugging, RJ45 communication and power supply to avoid complex power and power line.

● High stability via TCP/IP communication compare with RS485 traditional lock

● The low operation cost due to wired power supply mode

Main Functions

● 13.56MHz RFID card as Mifare (S50/S70), CPU card etc; Read/Write

● The available external magnetic door realize real time monitoring

● POE( IEEE 802.3af) to eliminate the need for large numbers of AC power supplies or the installation cost

● The real time clock inside record staff card information, door lock state and lock handling type

● Remote control to open, close and active normally open function

● Time group control function to operate segmented control in and out for staff

● Multi alarm functions as illegal intrusion, fire control linkage

● Mechanical key: there is a spare mechanical key to ensure that the door is unlocked when the door is in emergency

● The card holder can up to 500 for standalone lock

● Standalone and Network mode, which can be automatically switch in different system environment

● Easy installation within 5 minutes and without any injury for door

● Industrial motherboard design, fully automatic SMT process

● One year warranty time (not being damaged by any man-made factors)

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