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To integrate XID-TECH RFID technology, it enable you to detect and uncover inefficiencies and change staff behaviour through 

enhanced monitoring and controlling of your print, scan, copy processes and any devices using monitoring. To combine with our 

RFID reader/module, you can create intelligent self-service payment system.


Leave no penny unturned

Print costs come from more than ink and paper. Your device with our RFID solution can help your company save every penny – from print 

waste to non-essential printing to ineffective printers and print servers and achieve real business value.

Control you can count on. Mobility

When you gain control of your print, capture and PDF workflows, you gain a lot of confidence. Confidence in the security of your information.

That your employees are productive and responsible. That your business is running efficiently. To present RFID card, you can quickly 

operate available printers where you're located.

Security & compliance

Leave no document behind 
More secure printing shouldn't mean more complicated printing. To realize RFID management, your organization can balance security and 

control with ease-of-use and convenience.
Data & document security 
Security is built in at every step – from submission through output – thanks to secure data encryption. Plus, secure ensures no printed document 

is ever left unattended at a printer.
Regulatory compliance & information governance 
Our print management solutions help your organization stay compliant for all electronic information and paper documents.
User authentication 
From card readers to network credentials, it supports multiple authentication techniques across all printers and MFPs – regardless of type or 

brand – to work seamlessly with your entire fleet.
Network security 
Makes full adherence to your corporate network security standards.